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About Us
Our Mission

Benchmarking for Good’s Mission is to support nonprofit organizations’ usage of comparative benchmarking to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of their processes, reduce non-value added expenses, increase reach to constituents, enhance return on investments and thereby maximize their mission fulfillment.

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Our Programs
  • Custom benchmarking studies that identify opportunities to enhance productivity and resource development. 

  • Development and implementation of surveys to gather customized peer organizational benchmarking data.

  • Training in the interpretation of data and prioritization of improvement opportunities.

  • Guidance in the development of implementation plans to capitalize on benchmarking-discovered opportunities including change management and progress measurement strategies.

  • Knowledge creation and dissemination about the value of benchmarking for nonprofit organizations and how to effectively utilize it.

Our Target Clientele

Associations of nonprofit organizations that desire to increase their members’ use of benchmarking to enhance constituent members’ sustainability and mission attainment

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