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Customized Benchmarking Analysis for Individual Nonprofits or Associations of Nonprofits

Benchmarking for Good will assist nonprofits in comparing their performance on key performance measures to those of peer organizations in order to help identify opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness. We will work with you to creatively utilize existing data sources and supplement them as needed with customized information gathering among relevant peer organizations. 

Implementation of Benchmarking Validated Opportunities

Our experts will work with your team to assess implementation pathways and help develop implementation strategies that reduce risks and help ensure maximum benefits from change. As part of implementation planning, we will help develop change management strategies that build organizational support for change and help overcome resistance to it. 

Evaluation and Redesign of Key Work Processes in Pursuit of Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency 

Process design is perhaps the key driver of a nonprofit's success in achieving its Mission with effectiveness and efficiency. Benchmarking for Good will help you  compare your key value added work processes to those of successful peers with superior process outcomes in order to facilitate your organization's learning and growth. 

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