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Benchmarking for Good

Benchmarking for Good, Inc. is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit devoted to helping other nonprofits creatively use comparative benchmarking to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency-thereby furthering their ability to achieve their missions. 


In our experience, even the strongest organizations can learn from peers how to do things better, and benchmarking metrics are an effective tool for homing in on where an organization can realize the highest returns on improvement efforts.


If you lead a non-profit organization and have wondered, "How do we compare with the best peers?" or "How can we catalyze organizational improvement?"

Benchmarking for Good was founded to support you through its grantmaking activities!

Benchmarking for Good's founders have decades of experience utilizing benchmarking and process design techniques in the fields of healthcare, religious institutions, social services, and education. Our services are available for qualifying nonprofit organizations at no cost, although we welcome voluntary donations to support our work. Interested nonprofits are invited to complete a grant application so that we can explore together how Benchmarking for Good can best support your organization's pursuit of excellence and efficiency.

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