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Benchmarking for Good makes available a number of grant opportunities to qualified nonprofit applicants. We welcome your contacting us to discuss your situation before commencing a formal grant application.

Grant Type 1
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Benchmarking for Good experts will work with a group of peer grantee organizations to design and implement a peer organization benchmarking survey, and issue a detailed written report on the findings relative to areas of strong performance and potential improvement. Successful applicants for Type 1 grants will generally be associations whose members are standalone nonprofit organizations.

Grant Type 2
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Benchmarking for Good experts will work with grantee organizations to validate and assess implementation pathways for opportunity areas identified in Grant Type 1 programs. As part of implementation planning, we will help develop change management strategies that build organizational support for change and help overcome resistance to it.

Grant Type 3

Benchmarking for Good experts will create a customized training workshop for associations whose members are nonprofit organizations that desire to make regular benchmarking a staple part of their management and planning processes. This workshop makes an ideal component of an annual conference or strategic planning program.

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