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About Benchmarking that Results in Beneficial Change

Understanding Your Nonprofit's Improvement Potential and How to Achieve It Through Benchmarking Relative to Peers

Utilizing Benchmarking to Optimize Non-profit Delivery of Their Mission
1. What is our relative benchmarking performance on the key metrics that determine our quality and efficient use of resources compared to those of peer institutions?
2. Why are our organization's results different? Are there valid reasons or do the differences point to opportunities to improve our performance?  
3. How should we implement the changes needed to realize improved performance in a manner that will fully engage our staff, volunteer leadership and donors and achieve genuine benefits? 

We provide customized benchmarking services for nonprofit organizations.

Benchmarking provides leaders of nonprofits with comparative information from peer organizations on vital aspects of their operations. These include how they generate resources, how they invest their resources, and the outcomes those resources generate. Social service organizations, religious organizations, educational institutions and many more types of nonprofits can benefit from knowing where they stand compared to respected peers, understanding why their performance is what it is, and how other similar organizations are achieving enhanced success. 

But getting the appropriate information and analyzing it, and determining how to act on it require time, experience, and change management knowledge that many nonprofit organizations lack. That is where Benchmarking for Good comes in. 

Our services are free for qualifying nonprofits whose grant applications are approved. 

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